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Automated commission management in a one-single platform

Automated commission management in a one-single platform

Reduce errors and time spent while increasing your sales team productivity

Staying focused on generating revenue and developing strategies to retain the best sales representatives can be challenging. But with Blitz, say goodbye to payment errors, manual processes, and spreadsheets. Our flexible, easy-to-use, and centralized platform enables your teams to keep track of their commissions and performance while providing real-time data and control.

Blitz provide automation, flexibility, full control, and real-time commission management and tracking.

Automate your commission calculation processes so you can spend more time driving sales performance

Eliminate the pain of calculating sales compensation with a commission management platform so flexible that you can keep track of your sales team's performance while ensuring complete transparency.

Blitz connects easily with all the systems your teams currently rely on, providing accurate and seamless commission management.

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Seamless commission management and tracking through the best integrations

Sales comp plans that meet your industry-specific needs

Improve productivity while increasing the accuracy of your commission payments

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