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Smarter commission management and calculations

Consolidate all your processes in a centralized platform

Blitz is an automated platform for commission management and tracking built to ensure that the finance department collaborates more efficiently. With this implementation, they will be able to analyze trends and sales data and review historical data while making projections and estimating commission payments for subsequent periods.


Benefits for finance departments

Eliminate the hassles of looking for metrics and historical data related to expenses, quotes, or current efforts. Blitz centralizes all this information in one single platform, ideal for finance directors, managers, accountants, financial analysts, and payroll managers. Don't disappoint or miss projections, ensuring that your finance department makes commission overpayments a thing of the past.

Payroll Reports

Electronic Billing

Payment Approval Workflows

Integration with Payment Systems

Blitz meets the needs of each area, role, or function within your company

Easier and smarter decision-making

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