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Real Estate

Contract closings have specific commission payment allocations, which can be challenging for agents and brokers.

Blitz provides the real estate industry with a centralized platform that helps automate all of their sales commission tracking processes.

Automate your commission calculation processes and payments

Keeping track of commissions and transactions in multiple spreadsheets can be stressful and lead to erroneous calculations and overpayments. This can eventually result in high employee turnover within Real Estate companies.

Blitz® is the commission management platform that can automate all your processes no matter how many agents you manage. It adapts to your business-specific needs while providing access to all types of agents or partners, even if they are outside your organization.

  • Eliminate human errors
  • Eliminate overpayments
  • Forecast commission payments
Blitz automate all your commission tracking processes to generate a higher revenue

Real-time commission tracking for real estate companies

Manage Commission Splits

Blitz® provides visibility to real estate agents, brokers, and partners, over commission splits and distribution. You get the flexibility needed to create payment rules and compensation levels according to each business structure.

Dispute Management

Blitz® makes it easy to request adjustments, validations, and resolutions from managers or directors related to payment errors, all within the same platform.

Sale Tracking Processes

Blitz® can exemplify your entire sales process using custom rules and conditions, no matter how simple or complex, for a more accurate variable compensation calculation.


Blitz® is a commission management platform that integrates seamlessly with all CRM systems, ERP, business applications, and collaboration tools that your sales teams currently rely on.

Dynamic Dashboards

Blitz® lets you configure dashboards and organize widgets for comprehensive visibility of your sales team's performance. It gives your agents access to filters where they can generate reports or visualize specific indicators.

Blitz is the commission management platform that can automate all your processes no matter how many agents you manage
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