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Providing premium commission tracking industry solutions

Efficient commission management software for industries

Irrespective of industry diversity, Blitz is the leading and most intuitive software that enables companies across all industries to have complete management, control, and automation in all its entirety.

Commission tracking software is invaluable for all industries. It is essential in making compensation planning and tracking easier, and accelerate business results.

Experience surge in competitiveness while achieving better sales performance

Delivering the best commission tracking software to benefit different industries


With easy-to-use interactive dashboards, motivate your teams by increasing the portfolio ratio of insurance products for your customers and their household.

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Real Estate

No more complicated commission allocation payments. With Blitz, avoid the complications that come with Real Estate commission payment rules and allocation.

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Commission tracking for financial institutions can be complex. Blitz provides the transparency to remove obstacles and manual processes to create multiple compensation plans to adapt to changing market demands.


Crush goals and drive sales with the complete coverage for smarter compensation plan designs that Blitz has to offer. Experience real-time commission tracking and audit-ready accounting with an all-in-one platform.

Eliminate bad commission plans in weeks, not months
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