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Smarter commission management, planning, and execution

Automate your sales commission calculation processes

Stop using spreadsheets to keep track of the commissions generated by each sales team member. Blitz® provides managers and sales directors with a proper tool to manage, track, and control commissions, sales goals, team performance, and quotas while maximizing your business revenue.

Blitz allows sales managers and directors with a platform to keep track of commissions and performance.

Sales boosting features and benefits

Blitz® automates time-consuming processes while bringing flexibility, transparency, and increasing sales team morale. Our platform enables sales directors and managers to work on sales comp adjustments and track performance while developing strategies to reach their sales goals and build high-performing sales teams.

Quota Management

Dispute Management

Commission Reports

Forecast Commissions

Sales Team Management

Key Performance Indicators

Blitz® meets the needs of each area, role, or function within your company

Automate all your sales commission tracking processes

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