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Constant changes in consumer preferences and regulations are factors that finance departments need to face by adopting a platform that helps them automate and manage more accurate commission payments.

Commission management platform for Finance

Accurate data that provides easier decision-making

Commission management can be complex, especially when this process happens through spreadsheets. And no matter how flexible and practical they are, their use can lead to manual errors and overpayments, affecting how finance departments manage budgets.

To mitigate any difficulties arising from compensation management without compromising information security, you need to implement a platform that automates manual processes and tasks and allows you to make strategic decisions while maintaining your budgets.

  • Automate time-consuming processes
  • Real-time reporting
  • Efficient budget management
Blitz allows financial institutions to make strategic decisions while controlling their budgets.

Real-time management and automation for the finance industry

Invoice Process Automation

Blitz® streamlines the compensation payment process through tools. Our platform can validate the electronic invoicing process even when you work with external collaborators or providers.

Commission Based Indicators

Regardless of your company or organization size, Blitz® allows finance departments, banks, and financial institutions to visualize and generate reports with all the information on how much they will pay by region, city, role, function, etc.


Collecting and visualizing data distributed across multiple systems can be complex. But Blitz® can connect you to any CRM platform and collaboration tools your department already uses to access all the information needed to generate reports or import and export data.

Commissions Payment Prediction

Our platform provides real-time data through dynamic dashboards and graphs with the conditions needed to make projections of commission payments for the following periods while keeping control over your budget.

Real-time management and automation for the finance industry.
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