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Sales comp plan automation for efficient management

Optimize your commission plans in minutes

Compensation is an essential part of any company or organization. It helps increase motivation, resulting in higher ROI. Therefore, your compensation plans must be tailored to meet your specific goals and strategies.

Strengthen your compensation managers and department with a commission management platform that gives them higher visibility over the commissions they are generating and their performance as they work on reports, analyze data, and adjust plans based on results.

Sales comp plan optimization in minutes

Blitz® handles your company's unique incentive compensation management needs

Start simplifying complex processes, build trust between departments, and improve team performance through transparent reporting while allowing compensation managers to create and adjust real-time incentive plans.

Dispute Management

Commission Reports

Workflow Approvals

Non-monetary Incentive Management

Blitz® meets the needs of each area, role, or function within your company

Smoother sales comp calculations for your sales team

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