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Commissions & Compensations

Automate and manage your compensation plans effectively


With Blitz, start setting

the foundations of an

effective incentive plan

We understand the importance of commissions. They can improve your team’s abilities to generate more sales that will translate into business outcomes. That’s why your compensation plans must adapt to keep people motivated to achieve goals. Start automating and forecasting commissions with ease while designing and optimizing your plans easily.

Blitz helps Compensation Managers to start automating and forecasting commissions with ease while designing and optimizing incentive plans easily.

Automate your compensation plans so you can consistently flex, adjust, and adapt to keep people motivated

With Blitz, project payments as needed Project payments as needed
Blitz enable Compensation Managers to forecast commissions Forecast commissions
Calculation rules management Calculation rules management
Blitz is the commission management software that allow Compensation Managers to handle exceptions and permissions per role Handle exceptions and permissions per role
With Blitz, Compensation Managers will be able to create sales and compensation reports Create sales and compensation reports
Define complex team structures Define complex team structures

Enterprise-grade features

Blitz is the centralized commission management software that allows Compensation Managers to forecast commission costs and project their payments as needed while maximizing sales operations. Start scaling-up, remodeling, adjusting incentive compensation plans, and managing quotas in minutes!

Quota Management & Payroll Reports
Detailed Commission Reports
Commission Forecasting
Commission Dispute Management
Workflow Approvals for Compensation Plans
Nonmonetary Incentive Management
Key Performance Indicators
Integrated Quota Tables
Smart Building Blocks
Multicurrency & Multilanguage
Commission Plan Designer
Automated User Enrollment
Sales Performance Indicators
App Available: iOS & Android
Adjust & manage quotas in minutes
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