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Keeping track of a large number of transactions, as well as the total amount of commissions generated by each sales representative, is a constant challenge for the Retail industry, mainly if you use spreadsheets.

Blitz offers the Retail industry with an automated and efficient sales commission management platform.

More accurate and error-free commission payments

Managers within Retail businesses should focus on implementing a solution that consolidates all the information they need in one place while generating strategies to achieve their sales goals, save time, and reduce overpayment errors.

Blitz® helps retail businesses automate their processes and design compensation payment models while generating seasonal campaigns to motivate their sales teams to reach their goals for bonuses or higher commissions.

  • Centralize all your processes in one single platform
  • Real-time commission tracking and management
  • More efficient collaboration
  • Higher productivity
Accurate and intuitive commission tracking platform for the Retail Industry.

Sales comp management in a centralized platform

Flexible Rules Design

Blitz® provides the flexibility needed to design and set custom rules that fit your sales compensation plans or payment rules according to the type of sale, product, period, or commission percentage.

Custom Global Dashboard

Establish, filter, and set up the data you need to generate general reports or specific reports for territories, branches, or sellers, all from an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard.

Dispute Management

Blitz® can notify sales managers via email about adjustments and clarifications related to errors in commission payments by your sellers.


Blitz® integrates seamlessly with different systems and tools. This allows you to connect all the information you need to import/export files, generate reports and visualize them through interactive dashboards.

Sales compensation management in a centralized platform
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