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Retail: Accurate commission tracking & management

Create and adjust incentive plans while automating compensation structures

The main challenge for the retail industry today is the huge amount of transactions made by consumers from all over the world. It is no longer possible to function optimally using the old system which created manual labor for commissions.

Today, companies need more advanced and automated compensation structures. Blitz is designed to ease the commission calculation and management process for the retail industry. A transparent, fully integrated, and accurate system calculates the transaction amount, the total sum of transactions with several other variables to create a workable commission plan.

Accurate commission tracking for the retail industry

Flexible and seamless commission management software for the retail industry

API Integration

Seamless connections with other applications makes communication easier and more effective. Blitz allows you to access data in one place for effective sales management


Create special commission campaigns to meet the requirements of any business. This is a useful way to incentivize the sales team without disrupting the workflow.

Reduce Costs
Reduce costs

Outdated manual strategies for calculating commissions are slow and also expensive to manage. With Blitz, you will be able to reduce errors and overpayments.


Blitz provides a reliable platform that provides instant access to information on commissions and sales results for each unit. Our automated platform creates faster and reliable results.

Real-time Transparency
Real-time transparency

With Blitz, users enjoy a fully transparent overview of the commission process and proper report configurations so each commission is fair and justified.

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With tailored campaigns that drive greater results, motivate your reps and teams, and keep them engaged with attractive incentives and programs.

Enterprise-Grade Features

Ensure timely commission payments while creating streamlined processes for everyone in your business

Flexible Data Model
Flexible Data Model
Open API
Open API
Sales Compensation Management
Sales Compensation Management
Compensations Dashboards
Compensation Dashboards
Contract Updating
Contract Updating
Ability to automate processes

Blitz is made for your industry

Blitz handles complex commission calculations for you
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