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Blitz featured at the Latin America Auto Insurance Summit 2024

Blitz featured at the Latin America Auto Insurance Summit 2024

From April 22nd to 24th, Blitz was present at the Latin America Auto Insurance Summit in Miami.

This event is organized by EBM-Executive Business Meetings which brought together insurance industry leaders and experts from across the region.

"At Blitz, we firmly believe that the potential of our industry is enormous. We are committed to raising the industry's standard and contribution to economic growth. Our goal is to work in collaboration with other companies in the ecosystem to offer innovative solutions and improve the customer experience," commented Sergio Zuñiga, CEO of Blitz.

On the other hand, Diana Ceballos, Technical Sales Rep, Blitz, expressed her enthusiasm for the future of the insurance industry and her pride in contributing. "We are living in an exciting time for our industry, and at Blitz, we are committed to continue innovating".




Sergio Zúñiga, CEO of Blitz stands out as a speaker.

The conference "Self-Service in the Management of Commission and Bonus Payments", given by our CEO, was a great success. During his presentation, Sergio addressed a number of key points, including:

  • The current situation facing the industry in terms of commissions and bonuses.
  • The structural changes to the commission and bonus payment process.
  • The advantages and positive impacts that self-service can offer the industry.

The audience showed remarkable interest and enthusiasm towards the presentation, valuing both the knowledge and experience shared by Zúñiga. It was emphasized how technology facilitates a more transparent compensation and bonus management, which is fundamental to boost team motivation and performance.

During this meeting, we had the opportunity to talk with distinguished companies in the sector, such as Primero Seguros, La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro, Chubb Mexico, Seguros Universales, Kurios, Seguros Reservas, Bdeo, medismart and Tutenlabs, who were also sponsors of the event. We also shared ideas and experiences with leading companies such as La Positiva Seguros y Reaseguros, Marsh, GNP, Compass Consulting Group, Seguros Bantrab and Addactis.

We thank Elsa Costa and EBM-Executive Business Meetings for the opportunity to participate in this event.

If you were unable to attend the event, you canschedule a demo here > and learn how Blitz can automate your commissions.

At Blitz®, we remain committed to delivering the best commission automation solution in the insurance industry. Our focus is on efficiency and customer satisfaction, and we are ready to drive growth and transformation in the Latin American insurance industry.