Sales Commission Tracking Software for Insurance Industry with real-time dashboards

Easily track, manage and view your entire sales teams commissions

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

Having your agent and broker teams motivated is a key aspect to increase the portfolio ratio of insurance products for your customers and their household. Plans can be quickly created, modeled, and rolled out to meet changing business needs. Complete coverage for any compensation plan design to ensure you have your sales team selling to drive top-line growth. Create detailed reports and interactive dashboards, so your sales people can enjoy confidence in the time, amount, and reason for their compensation.

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Trust and confidence everywhere

Blitz is the powerful, intuitive, and affordable sales commission management you have been searching for all this time.

There is more to incentivizing your sales force than just the dollars. Your team should have full insights and transparency into the calculations and payments of their commissions.

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3rd Party Data Providers Integration

Together with its amazing development team Blitz can integrate with 3rd party providers or insurance specific software systems.


Connectors with CRM + ERP

Blitz provides connectors with leading CRM and/or ERP systems in the industry


Complex Compensation Plans Setup

Create highly dynamic compensation plans, adaptable to industry changes and also short-term programs on the fly such as campaigns or contests to drive product and sales goals.


Natural Language Processing Technology

Cutting-edge technology to enhance your user experience and facilitate compensation plan algorithms setup.


Goal Setup by Industry Specific Variables

Setup goals according your specific company needs such as products, sales, revenue, gross profit, etc.


Mobility with Android and IOS applications

Provide your sales team agents and managers mobility to review their commission details with Blitz everywhere with our Apps for Android and IOS


Dashboard and Reporting Tools

Get a general overview of your insurance commission process and payout of your company and configure reports accordingly


Roles and Ruleset Configuration

Organize your commission structure according to the roles and rules of your organization being it administrators, managers or sales executives.

Blitz: Sales Commission Tracking Software for Insurance


Companies in the insurance industry can quickly realize that a growing and constantly moving workforce needs to have clear incentives that can help achieve both personal and business’ financial and strategic goals. To tackle the many challenges faced, it is necessary to use an effective and efficient commission tracking software as Blitz!

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Did you know that 72% of sales reps leave companies over bad commissions plans? Let us help you grow and retain your best talent!

Full integration with leading CRM + ERP platforms

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