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Blitz® recognized in 2022 Gartner's Market Guide for Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Blitz® recognized in 2022 Gartner
Blitz® is an SPM platform used by sales leaders to raise the efficiency and productivity in commission management of sales teams.
March 2022

Monterrey, Mexico - Blitz®, the industry's leading commission calculation and management platform, announced that Gartner, the global research, and advisory firm, has recognized the company for the second consecutive year as a Representative Vendor in its "Market Guide for Sales Performance Management", 2022.

Sales performance management is a suite of operational and analytical functions that automate and unite back-office operational sales processes and are implemented to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

By 2026, 25% of organizations using a sales performance management (SPM) solution will optimize the design and maintenance of their sales compensation plans using advanced analytics solutions provided by their SPM vendor.

In the market guide, Gartner characterizes sales performance management as "a complex task that requires accuracy and punctuality in commission processing automation," stressing that application leaders supporting sales technology should focus on "operational excellence and the use of advanced analytics via machine learning to maximize operational and planning efficiency."

Gartner has recognized Blitz for the second consecutive year as a Representative Vendor in its "Market Guide for Sales Performance Management", 2022.

Therefore, Blitz® has been recognized because it represents the attributes that Gartner considers fundamental in the SPM market.

Among Blitz® features highlight:

  • Blitz® SPM is delivered as a Saas (software as a service).
  • It offers two modules: Incentive Management and Incentive Tracking.
  • Its low-code platform employs a natural language processing (NLP) rule engine, allowing for greater ease of use.
  • Supports real-time commission calculations.
  • Dispute resolution – Data transparency and communication for review and tracking of changes, all from inside the platform.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations supported best-of-breed enterprise-level tools, such as QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.
  • Pricing is based on a cost-per-user basis.

"We are honored by Gartner's recognition. Blitz® differentiates by providing enterprise-level sales commission calculation that is intuitive, cost-effective, and customized for the world's most innovative businesses”.


Over the past year, Blitz® product development efforts have resulted in an enhanced analytics dashboard UI, an improved user experience in the Rule Designer module, increased functionality for electronic invoicing and calculations, and additional data-filtering functionality in native reports.

Gartner mentions that this market continues to see a steady YoY revenue growth and is over $1B in revenue. Customers have increased planning in their priorities due to the need to make more frequent changes. Still, the number one reason organizations purchase an SPM solution is for incentive compensation management. Some of the long-standing players have really modernized the administrative UI for compensation administrators strengthening their holds in the market.


About Blitz

Blitz® is the leading commission tracking software. Providing accurate compensation management & automation to different industries.

As technologists, we analyze what drives employee behaviors, morale, operations, and sales to see how technology can increase success. We believe that the right tool can make any organization more effective, efficient, and profitable.

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