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Blitz Expert Assessment

Are your Commission Plans paying Performance?

Our assessment will pinpoint areas for improvement and show you how to streamline your processes to save time and money along the way. Improve efficiency for all - contact us today!

*Available for companies with 500 or more users. 

How does the Blitz Expert Assessment work?

Define Business & Commission Outcomes
Collect and analyze data Team's Interviews
Commission Assessment Action Plan
Assessment Roll Out
Expert Feedback

The Blitz Expert Assessment is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their sales performance management. 

Its four significant benefits can take your sales compensation plan design and maintenance to the next level.

  1. Discover opportunities for development and the needs of your company.
  2. Identify weaknesses in your commission payment strategy, such as errors, overpayments, and flows.
  3. Make informed and strategic decisions based on data and expert experience.
  4. Find out how Blitz can improve your business processes through automation.
Blitz Expert Assessment
Blitz is where teams work as one

Commission Automation made simple

Automate your sales commissions tracking process and maximize your sales team! Blitz has multiple functionalities thats allows you to manage and track commissions efficiently.

Complex compensation plans setup
3rd party data providers integration
Natural Language Processing Technology
Transparency and visibility on financial processes
Dashboard and reporting tools
Connectors with CRM or ERP
Roles and ruleset configuration
Goals setup by products, sales, profit, etc.