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Blitz's features optimize management to easily track sales commissions from any device for the Insurance Industry

Case Study

We work with a recognized global provider of insurance products covering property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance to a diverse group of clients including large companies, local businesses, as well as individuals and insurers seeking reinsurance coverage.

The challenge

The client had a manual commission calculation system made in Excel that took a lot of time to work on because it depended on a team that received the production, had to review the plans, and finally do it in the spreadsheet.

Now while Excel and spreadsheets have come a long way, the time has come for yet another transition to bring spreadsheet data tracking to the modern era. Automation is the way of the future, especially when it comes to commission tracking plans for businesses.

Excel spreadsheets just don’t meet the compensation plan management needs of businesses anymore. Compensation and commission plans nowadays need to be flexible and creative. With ever changing markets and trends, employee remuneration must keep up to effectively incentivize and motivate behaviors to meet company objectives.

From the beginning, an implementation was negotiated in several Latin American countries. It started successfully in Chile and Peru; Following the roadmap, implementation is currently underway in Panama and Ecuador.


Blitz, the commission tracking software, offered the flexibility to define their custom compensation plan with a fast setup and adoption.

This solution allowed the client to simplify their previous process and completely automate every calculation on a user-friendly compensation design board.



  • Dynamic automation to a previously manual process.
  • Now it is possible to send financial or accounting information to their accounting system with the implemented platform.
  • Considerable reduction of time in the calculation of commissions which previously was a long process and was done on spreadsheets.
  • Reduction of errors and inefficiencies.
  • Commission calculation runs had been done and gone well, balanced at 100%.
  • Previous successful implementations led to a current 80% on Panama in less time.

About Blitz

Founded in 2016, Blitz is the leading sales commission tracking software, providing accurate and efficient compensation process management.

As technologists, we analyze what drives employee behaviors, morale, operations, and sales to see how technology can increase success. We believe that the right tool can make any organization more effective, efficient, and profitable. For more information, please visit

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