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Seamless commission management and tracking in one platform

Case Study: Insurance Industry

Our company collaborates with a renowned worldwide insurance provider that offers a wide range of insurance products such as property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance. Their diverse clientele includes large corporations, small local businesses, individuals, and insurers searching for reinsurance coverage


The client had a manual commission calculation system made in Excel that took much time to work on because it depended on a team that received the production, had to review the plans, and finally do it in the spreadsheet.

While Excel and spreadsheets have come a long way, the time has come for yet another transition to bring spreadsheet data tracking to the modern era. Automation is the way of the future, especially regarding business commission-tracking plans.

Excel spreadsheets don’t meet the compensation plan management needs of businesses anymore. Compensation and commission plans nowadays need to be flexible and creative. In addition, with ever-changing markets and trends, employee remuneration must keep up to effectively incentivize and motivate behaviors to meet company objectives.

From the beginning, an implementation was negotiated in several Latin American countries. 


Blitz automated the commission calculation process, providing the flexibility to define and create custom compensation plans quickly, easily, and without errors. The user-friendly compensation design dashboard allowed real-time visibility and streamlined the team’s previous calculation processes.

The solution was successfully implemented in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Panama, and Ecuador.



  • Complete automation of all their manual processes.
  • Blitz provides users with real-time commission data and allows seamless financial and accounting information transfer to their platform.
  • Significant reduction in the time spent on commission calculations, previously done on Excel spreadsheets. 
  • Accuracy in commission calculations and elimination of errors and inefficiencies in the calculation process.
  • Achieve up to 100% accuracy in commission calculation execution.
  • 80% reduction in time spent on commission calculations after implementation in Panama.

80% reduction in time spent on commission calculations after implementation in Panama

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