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Blitz is a sponsor at the LATAM Auto Insurance Summit 2024

Blitz is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Latin America Auto Insurance Summit. This event, which will be held April 22-24 at the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables Hotel in Miami, represents an invaluable opportunity for us and all key participants in the auto insurance industry.

We are honored to announce that our CEO, Sergio Zúñiga, has been chosen as one of the featured speakers at this renowned event, where he will deliver the lecture: "Self-Service in Commission and Bonus Payment Management". He will explore several points, including:

  • The current state of affairs facing the industry in terms of commissions and bonuses.
  • Structural changes to the commission and bonus payment process.
  • The advantages and positive impacts that self-service can offer the industry.
Blitz, patrocinador de Cumbre Seguros Auto

This presentation underscores our dedication to leading innovation and maintaining excellence in the field of automation and commission management in the automotive insurance industry.

The Insurance Auto Summit Latin America 2024 will bring together more than 120 executives and 25 leading experts to explore and debate the future of the industry. From the latest trends to strategies to address current challenges, this event will provide a comprehensive overview of the auto insurance industry in the region.

The focus of the summit will range from strategy to implementation, providing a collaborative space where executives can share ideas and best practices to adapt to this market. Key topics such as digital transformation supported by IoT and big data analytics, as well as InsurTech disruptions that are reshaping the global auto insurance landscape will be discussed.

Explore the Future of Auto Insurance in Latin America 

Reasons to attend this event include:

  • Trends Update: Stay abreast of the latest trends in the auto insurance industry.
  • High Level Networking: Connect with industry leaders and expand your network.
  • Collaboration and Learning: Share knowledge and experiences with other industry professionals.
  • Business Opportunities: Discover new opportunities and ways for your company to grow.
  • Strategic Vision: Gain a strategic vision to face the future challenges of the auto insurance market.

Join us at this event and participate in discussions about the future of auto insurance in Latin America - we look forward to seeing you in Miami!

If you can't attend the event, you can schedule a demo here > and learn how Blitz can automate your commissions.