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Sergio Zuniga, CEO of Blitz®, has been honored with a Leadership Award for Innovation in Internet 2.0 Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, July 11th, 2023

Sergio Zuniga, a driving force behind the success of Blitz®, the leading commission automation solution, has earned another recognition to complement his remarkable achievements.
Sergio Zuniga, CEO of Blitz, Receives Distinguished Leadership Award for Innovation


Blitz® is proud to announce that its visionary CEO, Sergio Zuniga, was celebrated for his remarkable leadership and contributions at the Internet 2.0 Conference. The prestigious event, held in both Dubai and Las Vegas, brought together the brightest minds in the tech industry for three days of inspiring talks, informative panels, and networking opportunities.

At the Internet 2.0 Conference, Sergio Zuniga received special recognition for revolutionizing growth and innovation within the industry. This acknowledgment places him among the esteemed ranks of visionary leaders and industry experts who are shaping the future of technology with boundless possibilities.

The conference's agenda featured a plethora of essential topics, encompassing the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and more. With such a diverse array of cutting-edge subjects, attendees were left feeling motivated and empowered to confront business challenges head-on by harnessing the transformative power of technology.

Blitz® owes its success not only to the success of its CEO but also to the dedication of the conference organizers, the unwavering support of its fantastic team, and the continuous encouragement from its loyal supporters. The company's commission automation solution has garnered immense support from those who believe in the vision of forging ahead with innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Considering this achievement, Blitz® extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in making this recognition possible. The unwavering support and belief from the Blitz® community and partners mean the world to the company. It is their combined efforts that have paved the way for Blitz® to lead the charge in transforming the future of technology.

As the euphoria of this momentous recognition settles in, Blitz® invites all to celebrate together and continue forging ahead on an exciting journey. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of technology through innovation and boundless possibilities.

Blitz® CEO Sergio Zuniga's recognition at the Internet 2.0 Conference serves as a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and growth. It reaffirms Blitz® position as a pioneering force in the commission management industry, inspiring others to embrace technological advancements and realize their potential in shaping the future.