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Automate your commission plans in one single place

Achieve higher performance

With Blitz, plans can be quickly created, modeled, and rolled out to meet changing business needs. Complete coverage for any commission plan design to ensure you keep your teams happy, motivated, and selling to drive top-line growth.


Stop working in spreadsheets

It's time to automate, manage, optimize, and improve compensation plans through the best enterprise commission tracking software.

Minimize calculation errors, and prevent overpayments, while driving productivity and focusing on more important work.

Design your commission plans

Optimize your plans in minutes

Setup custom compensation plans tailored to your processes and requirements. Simplify and completely automate simple or complex calculations using Blitz’s incredibly user-friendly compensation design board.

Need to make a change in your compensation structure? No problem! Blitz contains the latest in AI technology to offer a flexible, easy-to-use rule designer that anybody can conquer. No pre-configuration required.

Optimize your plans in minutes
Why do you need Blitz in your company?

The easiest way to automate commissions

Quota Management & Payroll Reports
Detailed Commission Reports
Integrated Quota Tables
Smart Building Blocks
Data Management
Multicurrency & Multilanguage
Commission Plan Designer
Automated User Enrollment
Electronic Invoicing
Performance Indicators
Interactive Dashboards
System Integrations

One-single unified solution for every industry

Blitz is the platform where companies’ departments will work together to define the business rules that govern incentive plans, and easily implement them with an automated calculation process that will help them maximize performance. Start increasing time to market with custom plans, reduce total cost of ownership while retaining your top talent.

Blitz integrates seamlessly for accurate commission management

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