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Synchronizing and aligning your distribution and commission payment strategies is a key aspect in the consumer products industry. Insights & clarity drive action. Blitz delivers commission management visibility across your sales force and channels to help you drive top-line revenue and keep employees focused on top-line growth. Plans can be quickly created, modeled, and rolled out to meet changing business needs. Complete coverage for any compensation plan design to ensure you have your sales team selling to drive top-line growth. Create detailed reports and interactive dashboards, so your sales people can enjoy confidence in the time, amount, and reason for their compensation.

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Trust and confidence everywhere

Blitz is the powerful, intuitive, and affordable sales commission management you have been searching for all this time.

There is more to incentivizing your sales force than just the dollars. Your team should have full insights and transparency into the calculations and payments of their commissions.

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Loyal & Motivated Sales Team

Blitz provides transparency & real-time commission information to your sales force and management teams by role and company profile.


Customer Service Compensation

Driving results means your whole team is actively selling. Incentivize your customer service team with customized campaigns that drive results.


Audit & Compliance

Blitz supports business processes with industry best practices for audit and tracking. Know your information is secure, accessible and accurate at all times.

Dynamic Sales Campaigns

Dynamic Sales Campaigns

Blitz business rules engine helps to materialize the commercial strategies for the sales force. Create custom commission campaigns to incentive the team on the go!


Motivating Your Organizational Teams

Having a platform to manage monetary & non-monetary incentives in your organization is crucial to meet enterprise business objectives.


Big Data on Commission Management

We utilize big data in commission management to generate insights, predictability and a competitive advantage for your business across channels.


Reduce Cost of Administration & Overpayments

Manage administrative costs, reduce overpayments and gain visibility into your variable payouts for better forecasting.


Always Be Closing

Insights & clarity drive action. Blitz delivers commission management visibility across your sales force to help you drive top-line revenue and keep employees focused on winning deals.

Blitz: The best sales commision tracking software


Blitz is a leading end-to-end commission management software solution for enterprise-class businesses. Our scalable, secure, and integrated sales commission platform will help you increase revenue, reduce costs and improve sales teams performance!

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Did you know that 72% of sales reps leave companies over bad commissions plans? Let us help you grow and retain your best talent!

Full integration with leading CRM + ERP platforms

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